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The Holiday Conversion Blueprint

AKA "Un-Ugly" your site before the holidays with our done-for-you holiday conversion service.

Instead of learning how to create an experience that converts, work with the best experts to get you there.


(limited spots available)

So what do we do for you?

It’s a 5-step process focused on giving you results.

Step 1:

Identify the Strategy & Experience

Your goals and your customer experience are unique. Not only are they unique, but they’re also your superpower. We’ll start by identifying your online goals and gain clarity on your customer experience.

Step 2:

Create a Plan

In The Holiday Conversion Clinic, you’ll learn all of the best ways to serve your online customers and increase your conversion. Now that we know your goals and customer experience, we’ll identify the top FIVE improvements to address. We’re talking about major elements that will move the needle in your online store. It includes things like your site aesthetic, the way your product page guides the customer journey, adding in guide journey elements to take your customer from visiting to buying.

Step 3:


This isn’t just giving you a plan and saying “good luck”, our team of in-house developers will quickly implement these changes. Once completed, we’ll send to you for sign-off and assist in making changes.

Step 4:

Equip for Growth

We don’t want to hand you back your changed site and you not feel equipped to manage + grow it. You’ll get exclusive access to our Momentum Gold Library, reserved for our clients paying 5-figures to work with us. This includes training on Shopify, apps, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, and more!

Step 5:

Turn On Stripe Notifications

Once you’ve implemented your holiday marketing efforts, go ahead and be “that person” that has their notifications on super loud and celebrate the dings of Stripe payments coming through. We’ll do a happy dance on our end too!

Are you ready for what is predicted to be the BIGGEST holiday shopping of the past twenty years?

Maybe you feel like “they” say that every year, but in a COVID world where more shopping will be done online than ever before, you can’t afford to NOT have an un-ugly website.

More than likely you are already thinking about what Holiday promotions you are going to run, and if you are not thinking about that now, you should be! Is your website TRULY READY to capture all that extra traffic and convert shoppers into BUYERS?

Don’t let the biggest online shopping event EVER pass you by. Streamline Retail can get your website holiday-ready and maximize your site for conversions.

This is your chance to work with the Streamline Retail team at a fraction of the cost we charge to build out a full website. Our team will analyze your site using our conversion checklist and determine the TOP FIVE things to change on your site that will make a massive difference in conversion rates.

Once our team is finished with your site, you will be ready to drive TRAFFIC to your site, and have the peace of mind of knowing your site has been maximized for conversion by an eCommerce professional.

We will evaluate your site based on The eCommerce Conversion Checklist and perform the Top 5 most impactful changes for you.

The eCommerce

Conversion Checklist

  • Feature special, curated collections in your navigation and home page
  • Custom home hero graphics to nail the first impression and guide customers to important products (we also give you the Canva templates to use later!)
  • Tabs added to level-up your product descriptions
  • Add a social feed to your home page
  • Store pickup and local delivery setup to give alternative options to shipping
  • Communicate important returns and shipping information so your customer doesn't feel in the dark
  • Add social proof to earn your customer's trust
  • Improve navigation menus to keep customers on the site longer

Would you rather learn the key conversion strategies and implement them yourself?

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